On Sunday the 14th of Sep. I went to the Whipstick forest ride at Woodvale near Bendigo. My ride was 50 klms on a mountain bike through the forest. The weather for that day was gale force winds but there was a bit of protection from the trees. I completed the ride in 2 hours and 30 mins due to the wind and there was a BBQ at the end of the ride.

My next ride was 70 klms on a road bike for the Degani Whittlesea/Kinglake ride. I had everything planned, get up at 6 o,clock because the car parking area was going to be closed after 7.30. Leave at a quarter to 7. I pumped my tyres up the night before and in the morning my front tyre was as flat as a tack.
I pumped it up again but I could hear air hissing out so I had a puncture from my shed to the car. I started to get anxious and a 15 minute change took 45 minutes. I knew I wouldn’t get into the car park so I woke Tony up and threw the bike in the back of my station wagon and got there by 8.0,clock. My start time was 8.10 so I made it alright. The ride was hilly especially the “Will Walker” hill which is 7 klms long. It isn’t really steep, just long, I completed that ride in 3 and a half hours mostly due to going up the hills at 9 klms.
Coming back down to Whittlesea was good though, all downhill, we didn’t go on the main road, we must have taken the old Whittlesea road off to the left. At the end of the ride we got a showbag and they had a festival there like at Around the bay. I was too tired to stay because Tony had to come and pick me up again.

My next ride will be the Shepparton to Heathcote ride. I will be leaving from Murchison for the shorter option. George and Jan are doing the ride too and we will be camping overnight in Heathcote. It co-incides with their wine festival. Hope some of you will be there too.


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