August 15, 2012

The Mitchell Bicycle Users Group (MBUG) is pleased to announce that the Seymour LifeCycle event it runs in conjunction with Seymour Health has been chosen to be part of Cycling Victoria’s Recreational Series of events, beginning in 2013.

A strategic relationship with Cycling Victoria will provide an excellent opportunity to associate your event, with a combination of high end and grassroots events that will deliver great exposure. Our participants and spectators include an extensive range of individuals of all demographics.

As Cycling Victoria is already a leader in Recreational cycling events,
by joining the nationally accredited Calender of events, this relationship will offer not only a regional impact, but could provide you with national and international exposure.

As you would be aware cycling is a very popular recreational activity in Australia. Cycling is a lifelong activity with appeal to children, adults and families. Cycling’s broad base of supporters and participants provide potential sponsors with a large, enthusiastic and diverse audience.

I look forward to speaking with you about this opportunity in greater depth.

is now affiliated with Cycling Australia as a recreational Cycling Club, becoming only the second Bicycle Users Group in Australia to do so.

As MBUG President, Greg Jones, explains, there are a number of advantages to being affiliated with Cycling Australia. “Cycling Australia is the national governing body for cycling in Australia”, he said. “This affiliation allows MBUG to offer our members access to the Cycling for All membership package, which includes 24/7 insurance coverage, as well as access to the many recreational cycling events run by Cycling Australia and its State bodies. Our members also become part of a much bigger cycling family, with benefits such as discounts on purchases at a range of stores, training tips, etc. It also paves the way for MBUG members who are interested in getting into racing to upgrade to a racing membership with a racing Club of their choice.”

For those who already have insurance through another organisation, or who decide not to take up the insurance option, MBUG still offers its standard memberships, which include a regular newsletter, access to member-only sections on the website and discounts on purchases from MBUG sponsors.

The following membership options are now available:

  • Standard membership (Single) – $20 per annum
  • Standard membership (Double) – $40 per annum
  • Standard membership (Family) – $50 per annum
  • Cycling for All membership (Standard) – $72 per annum
  • Cycling for All membership (Junior) – $50 per annum
  • Cycling for All membership (Kids) – $15 per annum
  • Cycling for All membership (Seniors) – $50 per annum

For further details about MBUG and its membership options, please do not hesitate to contact MBUG, either directly or via email. Membership options are detailed at

A PDF version of this Press Release may be downloaded by clicking here.


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