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Craigieburn - Bunnings Small South Carpark
Cnr Hume highway and Amaroo Rd, Craigieburn, Victoria

Down the Galada Tamboore (Craigieburn Bypass) path to Cooper St. where we will exit onto Cooper St to ride the on-road path where it exists to Roxburgh Park Shopping Centre.  While Cooper St is expected to be quiet at this time of day, we will be riding strictly single-file along this stretch of road.   If the group decides, we can have a coffee at the Corner Store Cafe or else continue along paths to Aitken Blvd to refreshments at the Lakeside Cafe alongside the Craigieburn Lake.  We will return to our cars along the  Malcolm Creek path.
You may view a track file of the proposed route at

We are expecting all sealed surfaces, so you can bring the roadie (but beware the omnipresent risk of glass along the Ring Road Trail )
See http://g.co/maps/d4txy for a list of MBUG start points.  Look for the “Craigieburn – Bunnings Carpark” pin



Bookings are closed for this event.



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