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Our annual “King/Queen of the Mountain” ride has been moved to November 28 to give us the opportunity to go down to Hidden Valley in Wallan to spend a valuable three hours to help tidy up the section of the old railway line which is still in public ownership extending from Knight Way up to Arkells Lane. Longer term this section of trail will become part of a trail linking Wallan with Kilmore. Not just MBUG will be there to help, in recognition of the significant environmental importance of the piece of remnant land, members of Wallan Environment Group (WEG) and the Australian Plants Society (APS Mitchell) will also be in attendance and assisting on the day.
The work planned for the group on the day will be focussed on the actual trail surface and will involve tasks such as stick/ hazard removal, weed control, fixing drainage issues in some sections and other tasks yet to be identified, although there is enough there already to keep us all busy :-). 
At this stage MBUG and FBKRT will be clearing sticks and other debris from the trail and working on the drainage issues, however there will be other work required for sure.

Whether you are a cyclist, a walker, or interested in plants and the environment, this worthwhile project deserves your support.  Save the date and come along to give a hand – even if you are not a regular MBUG rider, this is a way you can contribute to the group and to the community in general.

Meet at the proposed trailhead in Knight Way for an 0900 start.  Please bring along handtools such as secateurs, sturdy metal rakes or shovels for your personal use. Don’t forget to bring a water bottle, wear sturdy footwear and bring PPE such as gloves and eye protection.

Water will be provided for you to refill your drink bottles, however bring along your own food and snacks if required (sorry – the COVID and Food Handling regulations made this just too difficult to organise this time)

The COVID rules strongly recommend that all attendees be fully vaccinated.   No matter what your vaccination status, on arrival everyone will need to QR code in using the code provided by MCMC (Merri Creek Management Committee) and sign their Registration sheet.

Please come along and help – “Many hands make light work”


Bookings are closed for this event.



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