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Whittlesea Football Ground
Yea Rd, Whittlesea, Victoria

Today John will lead you on a short 22km ride down to Yan Yean Reservoir.  This ride is the second leg of the “Follow the water” themed rides which will follow as near as possible the water mains carrying some of Melbourne’s water from Toorourrong Reservoir to the holding reservoirs in Reservoir and beyond. 
Unfortunately there is no way to avoid the busy 1.5km stretch along Plenty Rd so riders must stay alert, ride single file and stay behind the white fog-line where it exists.  Once we turn off Plenty Rd into Cades Rd we can relax a little.  We will cross the historical aqueduct several times on the route and once at Yan Yean there is plenty of interpretive signage to explain the history of the reservoir.  After a look around and the obligatory photographs are taken we will make our way back to Whittlesea mostly following the route we came out on.  Refreshments will be at Cafe 59 on Church (our usual destination).

Meet inside the gate to the Whittlesea football ground.  The gate is on the left heading out of Whittlesea on the Yea Rd. just after crossing the Plenty River bridge. The vehicle entrance to the football ground is through the low brick fence just before the Show ground main entrance.
If there is an event on and you are expected to pay to enter, just park across the road and walk/ride over.
Plenty of parking, and toilets are open.  Be there for an 0930 start.
A plot of the proposed route can be viewed at https://ridewithgps.com/routes/40085231

There is a fair amount of gravel on this route, so MTB or hybrid are recommended
A list of MBUG ride start points may be viewed at http://g.co/maps/d4txy


Bookings are closed for this event.



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