9:30 am - 12:00 pm


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Lions Club Park
Lions Club Park, Broadford, Vic, 3658

A ride to provide a few challenges before you finish up for the year.  The weather conditions will determine which way this ride is done, however whichever way it is done, it will have it’s share of hills and downhills.  Rhonda will take you out Dry Creek Rd., along Saunders Rd and return to Broadford along the Sunday Creek Rd.
There is a new coffee shop in Broadford which is open on Sundays and also stocks gluten free cakes and biscuits, so we will give them a try for coffee on our return.

Lots of gravel, so MTB or Hybrids only please.
A plot of the proposed route may be seen on the RWGPS site at
Meet at “the Island” (Lions Club Park) in Broadford for an 0930 start
MBUG ride start point locations may be viewed at http://g.co/maps/d4txy


Bookings are closed for this event.



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