4:30 pm - 8:00 pm


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Janis' Farm
320 Jeffreys Lane, Broadford

Janis has kindly offered once again to host this year’s end of year function on her farm.  We will be out the back in the bush behind the house at “The Shed” as she calls it.  The Shed has kitchen facilities, a refrigerator and an indoor area to retreat to if the weather turns ugly.  There will be a couple of small gas BBQs available to cook your food if required.
Basically treat the function like you would a bush picnic ie bring everything you will need:

your own food, plates and cutlery
some food to share
your own drinks and glasses
your own cup for tea or coffee (supplied)
your own folding chair to sit on

This function is a great opportunity for us to get together and re-live past rides and to discuss ideas for new ones over some good food and drinks.  Note the start time is 1630

COVID restrictions
Since November 18, the Phase D target of 90% of 12 and overs fully vaccinated was assumed to be reached and there was a further relaxation of the COVID rules.  Under the “new normal” rules to be applied now that Phase D is achieved:

Seeing Others
There are no limits on the number of people you can gather with in your home or in public places (e.g. a park or a beach).

We strongly recommend that everyone who you are gathering with at your home or in a public place is fully vaccinated.”

MBUG’s QR code will be on display at the event, please use it to check in on arrival.

How to get there

Janis’ farm is at 320 Jeffreys Ln, Broadford VIC 3658  and Janis’ driveway is immediately west of the road up to the Mt Piper Reserve on Jeffreys Lane.  Once you enter the property look out for and follow the signs which will direct you down the back to the shed.
If you get lost on the way, search for “Mount Piper Cottage” in Google maps or follow the link below using Google Maps.


If you are utterly misplaced you can try to call John on 0428 793 766 but mobile reception is not too good out there, so this option might be a bit hit-and-miss. 

Please register your intention to attend by making a booking using the link below so we know who and how many to expect.

The weather is predicted to be perfect for a bush picnic Sunday week so see you there!


Bookings are closed for this event.



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