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Craigieburn - Bunnings Small South Carpark
Cnr Hume highway and Amaroo Rd, Craigieburn, Victoria

Never heard of Westgarthtown? Today is the ideal time to find out more about the Lutheran and Wendish people who came to Australia in the mid-1800’s and settled in Westgarthtown near present-day Thomastown.  Ziebell’s Farmhouse is open for viewing from 11.30am for a token $3.00 per person entry fee, volunteer guides are often available to take groups for a short tour around the house, so If the group wishes, they can have coffee on the way there rather than on the way back (or both) to kill a bit of time before the farmhouse opens.  When you reach the historic precinct, you will have the opportunity to view several of the original houses which are still in private ownership, stroll around the old Lutheran cemetery and view the nearby Lutheran church which is purported to be be the oldest Lutheran Church still in use in Australia (in fact there is likely to be a church service on that afternoon at 1430 it being the fourth Sunday of the month).  For a very informative history of Westgarthtown, go to the Visit Westgarthtown website at http://www.westgarthtown.org.au/history/index.htm and browse the tabs at the top of the pages.  Don’t forget to download the excellent Heritage Walking Tour pdf file for information about the sites you will visit on this ride.
You will be using the Galada Tamboore (Hume freeway) path to O’Herns Rd where the path has been diverted into the local industrial area while the new freeway on and off-ramps are being built. Being a Sunday it is unlikely there will be much traffic there.
You may view a track file of the proposed 34km route at https://ridewithgps.com/routes/35543626

We are expecting all sealed surfaces, so you can bring the roadie, and don’t forget your bike lock (you are down in the big smoke today).
Meet in the small carpark at the South end of the Bunnings store in Craigieburn for an 0930 start. 
Tip: It is easier to access the meeting point if you enter the Bunnings complex at the Amaroo Rd entry rather than from the Hume Highway entry.
See http://g.co/maps/d4txy for a list of MBUG start points.  Look for the “Craigieburn – Bunnings Carpark” pin.



Bookings are closed for this event.



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